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  A. thaliana      Drosophila melanogaster


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  1. Use all candidates. Please choose the threshold to be used:
    (for each mer of your sequence only the best score above the chosen threshold will be displayed)
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   2. Choose the candidate and the threshold to be used:
    (for each mer is indicated whether it is on the list by virtue of ELPH (E), RESCUE-ESE (R), or both (E,R))
    5'End ESE - 6mers :      The threshold :  
    3'End ESE - 6mers :      The threshold :  
    5'End ESE - 9mers :      The threshold :  
    3'End ESE - 9mers :      The threshold :  

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SEE ESE is an OSI Certified Open Source Software .   


The project is supported in part by NSF Award MCB-0114792, "Arabidopsis 2010: Pre-mRNA Splicing Signals in Arabidopsis"

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