Jennifer Lu

Biomedical Engineering Post-Doctoral Fellow in Salzberg Lab, Johns Hopkins University

About me:

I am a Biomedical Engineering Post-Doctoral Fellow in Professor Steven Salzberg's lab at the Center for Computational Biology at Johns Hopkins University. I completed my Ph.D. in November 2020.

My research is focused on computational genomics and the usage of next-generation sequencing for diagnosing bacterial, fungal, or viral infections relating to human health and diseases. As part of this research, I develop and use various computational methods for quantifying DNA sequence similarities and complexities.

Primary Projects:

Completed Projects:

Other Miscellaneous/Related Projects:

  • Kraken 2: Metagenomics Classifier [Collaborator]: I work alongisde Derrick Wood in the development and maintenance of Kraken 2, an updated version of the Kraken metagenomics classifier that utilizies minimizers and spaced-seeds to accomodate databases built from a far larger library of sequences. It is now possible to build Kraken 2 databases representing all NCBI refseq libraries, NCBI nt, and NCBI nr. Kraken 2 also supports 16S databases including 16S Greengenes, RDP, and SILVA. Finally, Kraken 2 supports protein databases and will query them by first translating all six reading frames of a nucleotide query sample.


For an updated list of my publications, please visit the following: Google Scholar profile
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