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FeatVec Member List

This is the complete list of members for FeatVec, including all inherited members.
FeatVec(int size)FeatVec [inline]
FeatVec(const FeatVec &) (defined in FeatVec)FeatVec
finish() (defined in FeatVec)FeatVec
getNumDim() const FeatVec
operator-(const FeatVec &, const FeatVec &)FeatVec [friend]
setVals(const FeatVec &)FeatVec
sumEval() const (defined in FeatVec)FeatVec
toFloatArr(float *, unsigned) const FeatVec
val_print(std::ostream &) const FeatVec
~FeatVec() (defined in FeatVec)FeatVec