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JIGSAW Public API File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AnnotationScore.h [code]
AnnotationScore.hpp [code]
Compare.h [code]
DataDescrip.h [code]
DataSetAbstractFactory.h [code]
DataSetAbstractProduct.h [code]
DnaStr.h [code]
DnaStr.hpp [code]
dsu.h [code]
dsu.hpp [code]
dtree.h [code]
EvidenceType.h [code]
EvidenceTypeRegistry.h [code]
EvScores.h [code]
ExonDistr.h [code]
FeatVec.h [code]
FormatRegistry.h [code]
genemodels.h [code]
genemodels.hpp [code]
GeneModelType.h [code]
GenePrediction.h [code]
GffFeature.h [code]
gmcheck.hpp [code]
Igr.h [code]
Initial.h [code]
Internal.h [code]
Intron.h [code]
Options.h [code]
ParamFile.h [code]
PlaceHolder.h [code]
Prediction.h [code]
SeqLoc.h [code]
SeqLoc.hpp [code]
Single.h [code]
Terminal.h [code]