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Prediction Member List

This is the complete list of members for Prediction, including all inherited members.
DataStorageType typedef (defined in Prediction)Prediction
del()=0 (defined in Prediction)Prediction [pure virtual]
getClosestEnd3(int, int) const SeqLoc [inline, virtual]
getClosestEnd5(int) const SeqLoc [inline, virtual]
getDataSource() const Prediction [inline]
getEnd3() const SeqLoc [inline]
getEnd5() const SeqLoc [inline]
getModelId() const Prediction [inline]
getScore() const Prediction
getStrnd() const SeqLoc [inline]
getTypeStr() const SeqLoc [virtual]
inRange(int) const SeqLoc
isActualOverlap(int, int) const SeqLoc [inline, virtual]
isEnd3Set() const SeqLoc
isEnd5Set() const SeqLoc
isOverlap (defined in SeqLoc)SeqLoc [friend]
length() const SeqLoc [inline]
makePlaceHolders() const=0Prediction [pure virtual]
operator==(const SeqLoc &sl) const SeqLoc [inline]
Prediction(const SeqLoc &sl, AnnotationScore d, int modelId, const string &str)Prediction [inline]
Prediction(const Prediction &pred)Prediction [inline]
print(std::ostream &os, const string &str) const Prediction [virtual]
SeqLoc(dsu::Strand_t, int, int)SeqLoc
SeqLoc(const SeqLoc &)SeqLoc
setScore(const AnnotationScore &s)Prediction [inline]
setStrnd(dsu::Strand_t strnd)SeqLoc [inline]
~Prediction()Prediction [inline, virtual]
~SeqLoc()SeqLoc [inline, virtual]