CCB Alumni & Collaborations

CCB Alumni

Former faculty
JHU Biostatistics (until June 2013)
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard University
Former postdocs
Salzberg Lab @ JHU (until Feb. 2020)
Biology department
Seoul National University
McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine
Former students
Department of Biostatistics
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

CCB Collaborations

Ray and Stephanie Lane Center for Computational Biology
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Maryland
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
University of Maryland
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cole Trapnell, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
John Rinn Lab
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
James A. Yorke, Ph.D.
Distinguished University Professor
Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology
University of Maryland
Collaboration Projects
The Pine Genome Project
Pine Reference Sequences Project
Conifer Reference Genome Sequencing
An adaptive approach to the sequencing of the large genomes of multiple conifer species.