Open positions at CCB

Most of the CCB faculty members describe job openings on their individual websites. See the People menu for those sites.

Tenure-track faculty openings

The Computer Science Department is recruiting tenure-track faculty members at all levels, with a special interest in the area of computational biology this year (2020-21). For more information on how to apply, see the CS Department's announcement at Click on "Tenure-Track faculty" at that site for details.

Postdoctoral fellow openings

Many CCB faculty have postdoc positions, and these change too rapidly for us to keep this webpage up to date. If you are looking for a postdoc position, please contact the faculty member directly. Note that as of March 2020, Steven Salzberg and Alexis Battle have active postdoc searches.

Graduate student openings with CCB faculty

Most of the CCB faculty are looking for new Ph.D. students this year and every year. Much more information about our work can be found at individual lab pages.

How to Apply as a Ph.D. student:

Many students write to us directly asking if they can join the lab. While we appreciate your interest, this is not how Ph.D. applications are considered at Hopkins. Instead, you should apply directly to the Ph.D. program through one of the Departments that the faculty belong to. These include the Department of Biomedical Engineering (WSE and SOM), Computer Science (WSE), Biostatistics (BSPH), Genetic Engineering (SOM), and Biology (KSAS). Make sure to specify on your application the name of the specific faculty member (or members) with whom you are interested in studying, which will ensure that those professors see your application.
Abbreviations: WSE, Whiting School of Engineering; SOM, School of Medicine; BSPH, Bloomberg School of Public Health; KSAS, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

You can find out more about our Ph.D. programs here.