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Options Struct Reference

command line interface More...

#include <Options.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool isExonDistr () const
bool isLinComb () const
void setIntronFalse ()
bool useIntron () const
bool isVerbose () const
bool doTraining () const

Static Public Member Functions

void createInstance (int argc, char **argv, const string &id)
OptionsgetInstance ()

Public Attributes

int _cutOff
bool quit
bool _forceModels
string m_fastaFile
string m_evidenceListFile
string _outputGeneModelFile
string _matrixFile
string _vecFile
string _dtFile
string _exonDistrFile
bool _train
int _subEnd5
int _subEnd3
int _trainOffSet
string _hmmFile

Protected Member Functions

 Options (int argc, char **argv, const string &)


int main (int, char **)
 allow individual programs (defined by the main) access private variables to customize program behavior

Detailed Description

command line interface

Member Function Documentation

bool Options::isExonDistr  )  const [inline]

argc - number command line arguments
argv - command line arguments parameters gotton from c's main function.

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